Software Limitations

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Hardware RAID
Software RAID

iSeries O/S Notice
Operating System choices are dependent on the selected VMS's support. Please refer to the table below to understand which Operating Systems are supported by our particular hardware platforms.

Windows 7 Windows 10
Windows 8 Server 2012
Windows 10 Server 2016
Server 2012
Server 2016

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DISCLAIMER: The Security product selector is a tool, based on entered criteria to assist with product recommendations based on extensive VMS testing completed. The requirements specified are considered minimum configuration requirements. We have made every effort to assure the accuracy within our product selector. However, we do not assume any liability from the use of this tool due to the system configuration complexity and actual user criteria. Seneca xNVR servers are tested for performance based on camera recording only. Any additional load, including - but not limited to - viewing camera streams or server-side applications (i.e motion detection, LPR, mobile app etc.), on the recording server may have an adverse effect on system performance. The product selector tool provides specific hardware recommendations for VMS software designated in the initial software selection. When “Other” is selected as the VMS we apply a generic recommendation based on our standard system performance metrics but no performance guarantee.